Friday, March 23, 2007

"Where everybody knows your name..."

You walking around Antigua, been away from home for 6 months. Missing friends, good times and moms cooking... and then you see
Alas alack, nobody knew my name, nobody was glad I came, but hey, it was the Jolly Roger, and thats all that mattered, it even looks like the original! Pizza was good(Not Jolly good, buut decent).
The Jolly Roger is a pub in Parkhurst, Johannesburg, that everyone north of Commisioner street knows about. A place where legends are made and destroyed. Names are swept up off the ash strewn carpets the next morning, and many... many a young lady has lost her sense of wrong and right.
The Jolly Roger in Antigua is by no means as legendary as the the original in Jozi, but when in Rome, one tends to do as the Antiguans do... MON! Drink a Red Stripe and fell Ayrie, and then go back to work...EEEEISH!
"Oh Happy days..."

"Do you like Pina Colada's..."

There is no possible way or reason to demystify the Caribbean; it will always be a mysterious and exciting destination. The mere mention of the word conjures up visions of yachts, white serene beaches, bikinis, cocktails, bananas, beautiful vistas(the list goes on and on)

I was lucky enough to travel to many of the islands and experience the many wonders that they have to offer. (Bikini's, Tequila and RED STRIPE beer being in the top ten:-)

My first post on the Caribbean may as well be topical as well as tropical(mmmmph), this island is playing host to the South African cricket team at the moment during the first leg of the world cup. It’s the one and only... St. Kitts.
Lina from Sweden


What a cool place, everything you could require from a Tropical Island. Beaches, Margaritas and splendid weather abound. We always docked at St. Basseterre. We had a special place that none else knew about, THE SHIPWRECK.

Days off...time well spent

Life was tough at times, but we were survivors.

Me-Shell, one of the locals!

Ashleigh, Juanita and Tyler

Have a great weekend and good luck to the Proteas against Australia. Give em hell...

Conquest of Paradise...

Here are the missing photos from the Chilean Fjords and Antarctica, I have found them, ENJOY...

Fjords...Chile(tee hee)


The Insignia

26th December 2004-SNOW

Miserable Weather in Antarctica

Weekend already... this is awesome

Have a great one


Thursday, March 15, 2007


If I ever get asked which is my favourite port ever...this is it.

The most cosmopolitain city in the world. This place has buzz about it. I have been there about twenty times over my four years at sea and there is still things left to see.

Gaudi's sculptures and buildings are just mind blowing, I am going to devote one post just to all my photos of his stuff in the future.

My first awareness of Barcelona was when I was quite young I used to watch videos of Fawlty towers where Manuel, the accident prone and often misunderstood waiter/porter was from there.

"I am Manual, and I know Nooothing"

Then in 1992 I remember watching Olympics on telly. Remember how they lit the flame, with the archer shooting the flaming arrow. Awesome stuff.

Barcelona is the Capital of the Catalan province of Spain. Their dialect is totally different to the rest of Spain and has a slight French influence. Catalonians would rather be in their own self governing country and is quite a hot topic at the moment.

Here are some snaps kids...

Las Ramblas-the busy shopping street

Me after a long hike up the hill to the Olympic stadium

The Olympic stadium inside (looked bigger on telly).

The Olympic diving pool(Check the background view)

Gaudi's Segrada de Familia(building started in 1898 and is ongoing today).

I am off the weekend(Woohoo). Happy St.Patricks day to all of yah.

Have a safe weekend.


P.S Met Champers and Jam tonight, thanks for popping by, AWESOME.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Know thyself...

Pool party's in Hillbrow?

I went to go see Bunny Chow on Friday.

Brilliant. It is not a movie about AIDS, crime or Politics. Just a group of mates who go on a road trip and find out a bit more about themselves and have fun on the way. The best thing is that it is set in Joburg, we will all recognise landmarks and think, Hey I've been there...

From Melville to Killarney, pool partys in Hillbrow to Oppikoppi

It's a laugh a minute rollercoaster of good fun and normal honest people doing what they do best.

Its all in black and white and something else at times(not quite sure) but it is done brilliantly and helps capture the raw honesty and moods of the characters all the time. The characters all use their real first names, Joey, Kim, Kags, David and even Danny(K).

If you are looking for something different to watch, go watch Bunnychow... NOW, you won't regret it.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Viva La Venezia...

Don't get me wrong, Venice is an awesome place....

For two days.

I really enjoyed getting lost in its maze of alleys and canals, wondering around munching on a panini, drinking good coffee, sipping prosecco in the square, not forgetting the gorgeous drink invented in Venice at Joe's Bar...the Bellini(Champagne and white peach puree.)

The ancient Venetians built the city in the lagoon to get away from the barbarians and the raiding hordes. They also left their ancestors a legacy, to sell cheap souveniers and charge small fortunes for meals and drinks to stupid tourists who visit this floating theme park of a city. And boy do they visit. Tourism is a contributing factor towards the sinking of Venice. They flock their en masse.

We docked in Venice for three days at a time and it was cool cause the middle day was normally a day when new passengers boarded, dropped their suitcases and ran into town for their sightseeing, so we did have a bit of time off. Now don't brand me as a unromantic boor but the more time you spend in this city the more you realise that the only thing Venice is there for is tourism. Yes people live there but the shopowners have to live somewhere...

St Mark's cathedral

I took a date out for dinner once and we sat in a quaint little restaurant next to the grand canal. The restaurant closed at 22:00 and we sat down at 21:15, ordered a bottle of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio(Awesome wine to the wine lovers out there).
The waiter opened it and we placed our order. I ordered a spaghetti Carbonara(when in Rome) and it came in not even 5 minutes and the glutenous glump of glop I got was pitiful. The Waiter then goes back inside and starts closing up the shop, putting umbrellas inside etc.
Once we had finished he rushed out and offered us the dessert menu and coffee. We hadnt finished our first glass of wine yet. Half a bottle was still left.
Don't get me wrong, we were sitting in the most beautiful city in the world next to beautiful canal with gondolas gliding past us, so the whole experience did not put us off. We just sat and sipped wine and chatted the good chat. I still didnt mind paying the 80 Euro bill and tipping the waiter. It was magical, like an adult disney world(Did I just call myself an adult). Its only in hindsight that I realize I was so taken in by the place, the culture, the smells and sounds. And thats why those *&^%'s make a shitload of cash of the tourists.

St Mark's Square(Note the water puddles everywhere)

St. Marks Square from the ship when we sailed in, the tower is called La Camapanile
Hope you all have an awesome weekend... I am out of here till Saturday night
Be safe

Friday, March 2, 2007

"There is no such thing as a stupid question...only stupid people"

Hi all!

During the course of my 4 years at sea I have interacted with a lot of people from different cultures, nationalties and religions. I have also heard the dumbest questions ever asked. I guess it has something to do with the holiday mode that people are in, or maybe not"


1. Does the crew sleep onboard?
"No madam, we actually commute..."

2. What time is the midnight buffet?
"Duuuh, you should really check out your daily program"

3. Which elevator takes me to the front of the ship?
"The forward elevators."

4. Do you generate your own electricity?
"No sir, actually we have a looong extension cord that plugs into Miami that trails behind the ship.

5. Is this island totally surrounded by water?
...and a rock feels no pain!

6. Is the water in the toilet salt or fresh?
"Depends if the last guy flushed or not" Who cares? Why don't you taste it?

7. What language do they speak in Alaska?
"Alaska is a state of which country...?"

8. What do you do with the ice carvings after they melt?
"Contribute towards rising sea levels"

9. How high above sea level are we?
This is a question asked by a guest whilst sailing through the Norwegian Fjords...

10. How do we know which pictures are ours?
Asked in the photo gallery

11. "I specifically asked for my cabin to have a sea view on this cruise...all I can see is an ugly terminal building out my window"
"Uuh yes sir, just wait another few hours before we sail and I am sure that you will find the view a little better"

Welcome to my life... he he he, we had fun.

Have a great weekend